Land is undeveloped, raw property, or property that is ready for construction. Buying land can present numerous options-whether you are considering real estate to buy, lease, or invest. The property can be totally undeveloped or ready for construction. Developers are the first step in converting raw land into an income-producing property. With the help of your Setton Realty® Professional, you should check into local zoning, city’s or town’s master plan, as well as local attitudes about growth and development. These factors, among others, are worth considering for every decision if land is to be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation. As always, you should consult with your tax/financial adviser about specific tax and financial advice.

“Ready for construction” properties are typically developer improved-upon raw land with grading, utilities, and possibly streets. Zoning will ultimately determine the possible use. Setton Realty®  Professional will assist you in the analysis process to ensure that the land is appropriate for your needs. Possible development includes residential, commercial, office park, golf course, and more. With the help of your Setton Realty® Professional, you can research information on civil engineers, attorneys, surveyors, environmental testing companies, local officials, and authorities to assist in your property evaluation.